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Why you should NOT Invest in your Child’s name for Education Goal?

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We as parents unconditionally devote our time, affection and of course money to invest in a beautiful future of our children. While we harbour certain expectations from our kids, we should give them the freedom to pursue their dreams as they grow up. It could be a post graduate degree or they might want to start their own venture or dabble in some creative field. It would be their call and it is our duty to support that call and when necessary, fund it. Because, education (formal/informal) is the best gift we can give to our kids.

How much money is sufficient for you?

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If I ask you how much money is adequate for you, you may find it absurd to answer or will be clueless. You might even interpret from the philosophical aspect. Is the question about being greedy or working just for money?

But this is a practical question. We have all heard of the popular proverb – time is money. The more you work, the more money you make. How you spend your time will determine how much wealth you will create in the future. That’s the logic.

But people have no clue how much money is enough. Typically, how it works in almost every average household is people work at least 10 hours a day, caught up in the daily grind. They earn to cover household expenses, children’s education, pay EMIs, and take regular short breaks to escape from the work rut. Some savings are channelised into investments, mostly fixed & recurring deposits, or an insurance policy with the objective of saving tax. People have no clue whether they are earning enough or saving enough or even investing right.

Should you buy Gold or not on Akshaya Tritiya?

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I do not religiously follow the Hindu Calendar. Honestly speaking, I do not have the time and neither do I understand the significance of the special days and periods. However, I do follow instructions occasionally given by my elders in the family as a matter of respect. If someone asks me about Akshaya Tritiya, I know on a basic level that it is an auspicious day (entire 24 hours) in the Hindu Calendar to buy something new for good luck and prosperity.

In the past few years, Akshaya Tritiya has become highly commercialised and this year is no different. One can already spot advertisements across all media platforms. Be it text alerts, big hoardings, banners, pamphlets, companies are going all out to launch schemes selling gold jewellery, cars, properties, etc., on this fortunate day. Somehow, the essence of the day is lost as people mindlessly indulge in buying stuff just because it is Askhaya Tritiya.

Turn your Bucket List into Reality!

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As a young child, I read about a famous adventurer John Goddard known as the world’s greatest goal achiever. At the age of 15, he listed 127 goals in his diary and had achieved over a 100 in his lifetime. From exploring rivers to climbing mountains, fighting hippos and crocodiles, he did it all. Reading extensively about him left an indelible impression on my mind right from childhood. Here was a man who converted his thoughts – be it nebulous or arbitrary then, to concrete actionable goals and achieved them