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Hello, I am Roshni and I am the author behind this blog. Securedfinancialfuture.com is the result of my passion for Financial Planning and Personal Finance.
Financial Planning is the most effective way to achieve financial freedom in life. Personally, it helped me gain more clarity and gave a meaningful direction to my finances. After all, everyone’s ultimate aim is to achieve financial liberty. While there is no specific definition for it, financial freedom may mean different things to different people. For some, it may mean getting rid of the debt trap. Or, it could be having enough money to give children the best education or having sufficient corpus in retirement age. For some, it may mean escape from work drudgery and pursue their passion without having to worry where the next pay cheque will come from.


Above all, true financial freedom means not feeling trapped or stuck by lack of financial resources and having the financial capability to deal with any critical situation in life. And it is very much possible for you to attain financial independence sooner in life rather than later at retirement. To attain this stage early in life, you need to smartly make your money work harder for you rather than casually taking financial decisions on an ad hoc basis. A rise in salary, getting a promotion or a fat bonus is not enough to strengthen your financial foundation.

Financial Planning is the most neglected area of one’s personal finance world. Most people are caged in financial ignorance and it hell costs a lot of money. This blog is aimed to break those shackles of ignorance and eventually attain financial security. And the first step towards that is beginning to invest in self and come out of your comfort zone. As you educate yourself about personal finance, your awareness would increase. As your financial awareness increases, your knowledge would grow about taking the right financial decisions. As your knowledge increases, your motivation would grow to take charge of your financial life and act on money matters. As your motivation and confidence grows, you would eventually develop a vision on how to manage your money and the kind of financial future you want to have for yourself.

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  1. Rakesh Maheshwari says:

    Hi Roshni, I read few of your articles and enhanced my knowledge abt financial planning.. I found it very user friendly and very simple to understand..Thanks

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